Why You Should Be Disagreeing More at Work

Are you having enough disagreements at work? We’re not talking about screaming matches or heated arguments about which contestant on the Great British Baking Show should have won. (Okay, okay, you’re probably arguing about sports instead of baking, but it’s cake, so we take it seriously…and with ice cream.) Those types of disagreements aren’t critical … Read more

How the Ally MindsetTM Can Change the World

In You, Me, We: Why We All Need a Friend at Work (and How To Show Up As One!) we talk about how an Ally MindsetTM can radically transform your career, your experience of work, and even your life.  But the true impact of being an ally is even larger – having an Ally MindsetTM … Read more

MBTI: How we make decisions. Logic and Empathy

T: Can't Argue with the Facts! F: But what about the People! I was up all night worrying about the people! T: Take a sleeping pill and get over it, you big baby. F: You'll be sorry you didn't listen to me, you big meanie

MBTI: How we make decisions. Logic and Empathy The Thinking vs. Feeling continuum of the MBTI is laden with misunderstanding.  This component shows how people make decisions.  Thinkers follow the path of rationality, guided by the facts, to a logical decision.  Sounds great, but Thinkers often arrive at their decision without attention to the human … Read more

Trust: The foundation for an Ally Relationship

During a recent keynote presentation the participant discussed one of the key themes from Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships – the ‘Four Yeses’, four critical questions that underpin every interaction, social and professional.The four questions are These four questions are fundamental to developing Ally Relationships. However it’s a two-way street. It’s not enough for you … Read more