Cultivating Connection: The Power of ‘Woulda Coulda’

a pair of shoes with two arrows pointing in opposite directions representing a choice and connection

Picture this scene: 20 eager leaders, many of whom were meeting for the first time, gathered in the room. The air was charged with an electric energy, yet the sense of connection among them was tentative at best. The initial awkwardness of such first encounters was all too familiar—a scenario I’ve encountered countless times throughout … Read more

3 Quick Tips for Expressing Gratitude in the Workplace and Beyond

a heart shaped ornament with the words I am grateful written on it

As we approach Thanksgiving, a time traditionally focused on expressing gratitude for what we have, it’s worth considering a shift in perspective: from being thankful for what we have to being grateful for who we have in our lives. The importance of expressing gratitude, especially towards those around us, extends beyond mere pleasantries. Research has … Read more

Error 404: Name Not Found – Confront Memory Roadblocks

a person in a hat and coat standing against a dark background, the look like a spy. they have a red namebadge memory

Ever faced the comedy of ‘Nominal Amnesia,’ forgetting a person’s name while remembering their favorite ice cream flavor? Dive into the science behind forgetting names, explore Duke University’s research on how our brain organizes information, and learn how to level up your ‘name game.’ Discover eight handy tricks to remember or recover names, avoiding the awkward ‘Error 404: Name Not Found’ in real life. With our tips, navigating the intricate maze of human memory will become a breeze!