Right Leader, Right Time

What’s up everyone and welcome to The Corporate Bartender!

2022 is fast coming to a close, and we’re getting caught up here, getting some amazing episodes out to you before the clock strikes midnight on Saturday night!

Today’s episode is killer! We’ve got Robert Jordan on the program.

If you don’t know Robert, get ready, because this conversation is FAB!

Robert is a best-selling author, speaker, and talent development dude! He’s written three books, and we’re going to cover his latest, Right Leader, Right Time – Discover Your Leadership Style for a Winning Career and Company. We’ll touch on the four leaderships styles, Fixer, Artist, Builder, & Strategist. What are they? How do they work? How do you figure out your own style?

He’s an awesome person, this conversation was a blast, and I think you’re gonna dig it!

If you want to skip straight to the interview, 15:15 is your spot!